Luca minelli


Engineer with a strong creative streak.

I turn my passion for details and coordinated images into memorable events.

L.M.ents? A place where every desire becomes a source of maximum inspiration to help others achieve their direction.


From planning to coordination before, after and during the event.

I will be by your side so that everything is as planned, with obsessive attention to detail.

Whether it’s your wedding day, or a special one for your company, LMents is your support to make sure everything is flawless.

Are you a professional in the industry? I will be at your disposal…collaboration makes everything even more perfect.


Passion, Care, Fil Rouge

Enter my world and discover what we could create…just by listening to you dream.

Be inspired and inspire me.

Allow me to point you in “your direction.”

l.m.ents of contacts

I believe in empathy.

The best way to find out whether I might be the right person for you is simply to get in touch and get to know each other.

Only then can we mutually give free rein to each other’s imaginations.