About me

luca minelli

Engineer with a strong creative streak.

I turn my passion for details and coordinated image into memorable events.


Ingenuity and Creativity

The World of L.M.ents

My name is Luca Minelli. I live physically in Umbria, but mentally…in a world of inspiration, imagination and emotions. I am an engineer with a strong creative streak. Over time, the world of creativity has begun to prevail over the edgy field of engineering, but it has bequeathed me its precision. I am dynamic, volcanic, athletic and why not, eclectic. A person rich in passions that he has always tried to cultivate.

The path

For much of my course of study, I divided my time between the woodwork of theater stages and the counters of the venues where I worked. This allowed me to develop a good flair for relationships and communication. I love being around people, making them comfortable, listening and sharing thoughts, but at the same time I also love to express my point of view when it adds value to a common vision. I have always made sure that my passion for details and for a coordinated image were reflected in everything I have curated, from events (private and otherwise) to the specific study for a business. I am determined and love a challenge.

The Journey of Growth

Having finished my engineering studies, I decided to embark on a long walk that took me from France to Santiago, ending then on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, feeling the need to forget the formulas.  (All those formulas learned with great sacrifice). Later, I had a work experience in California, where I felt my eyes shining. From there, I found myself managing the quality side and international relations of the supply chain of a multinational company. However, feeling the desire to express my creativity more and thinking back to the emotions of past experiences, I felt the need to make others’ eyes shine. So here I am, ready to make yours shine as well. In 2020 I founded L.M.ents, a place where I express myself to the fullest and where your every desire becomes a source of maximum inspiration to help you achieve “your direction.” Here I take care of the planning and “tailoring” design of private and corporate events, taking care of them in every aspect.


event planning & design

Do you want an event that reflects your personality and amazes every guest? With me, you get an event planner and designer dedicated to turning your dreams into reality. Find out what I can do for you and start creating an unforgettable experience!