Genevieve and Daniele’s was a very meaningful wedding for me; perhaps one of the first weddings I have been a part of in the making.
It was a stunning wedding; an intimate, concealed ceremony within a forest, and an enchanting reception within the botanical garden of a convent.


Here is nothing I love more than unconventional weddings.
With Benedetta and Giacomo, we went back in time with a beautiful medieval setting.


I love Umbria, my land.
And I love these two boys, my childhood friends.
I imagined a day for them that reflected their personalities.
Key words? Simplicity and atmosphere.


For Lisa and Philippe, we designed a setting that perfectly adhered to the place they were staying.
The enchanted peaks of St.Moritz.


Ibiza, its vibes and a magnificent setting for Elena&Marco’s day.
A welcome dinner barefoot on the sand and a wedding with a surreal atmosphere in the splendid setting of a villa that revealed itself in its beauty little by little, giving guests an unparalleled sensory experience.


In the middle of the tree-lined avenue of the convent, we recreated a setting with pastel tones by giving prominence to the contrast between salmon and light blue.
The result was a masterpiece of elegant crispness.


The union of two cultures, the Irish and the Indian, in 3 days of celebrations with different designs and palettes each time.
The beauty of synergy between multiple professionals.
The satisfaction of a magnificent event in Florence.


A timeless English wedding, in a magnificent setting such as the venue’s stunning Limonaia